puts weatherforecasts into graphs.

For information on current unavailabilities in weather data, please scroll down!

The following visualizations are availabe:

  • Weather tiles in mercator projection ready for overlay over "tiled web maps" or "slippy maps" like google maps or openstreetmap.
  • Meteograms showing a 10 day forecast for any position on earth.

An example with temperatures tiles above OSM tiles:

An example for a meteogram of London:

Unfortunately, the American Weather Service has had massive problems with the provision of data since the end of 2020.
This happens from time to time, but usually the problems are solved within a few hours, so that you as a customer ideally do not notice anything.
The current problems with NOAA's servers (NOMADS) have been dragging on in varying degrees for about 6 weeks.
Unfortunately, my website, as a direct recipient of this data, is also directly affected.
Although my software checks the data for plausibility and tries to retrieve each data set several times, the problems have been so massive for weeks that I would like to inform you about them here.
Since 27.12.2020 I am in contact with NOAA to point out the problems and help to narrow them down.
Unfortunately, the problems with the server of NOAA increased visibly.
They are continuously working on the fix, as you can see from the screenshot with the info on the current status below and I hope for success soon to be able to offer them again the usual reliability of my data.
Thank you for your understanding,
Thomas Krüger